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Inkerd Imider S Uryaz ulla Tamttut,Inkerd Imider s Umzzan d Uxatar -(Humanity).

Inkerd Imider S Uryaz ulla Tamttut,Inkerd Imider s Umzzan d Uxatar -(Humanity).

-Since 1st, August 2011. The Rural Community of Imider Organized a peaceful Sit-In Against the Metallorgical Campany of Imider.Inorder, to bring back its Dignity and rights.In fact, what has waken the imider population is the lack of water In the last spring season because of the bad exploition of underground water of imider by the (SMI).
The Campany did not accept all students who have the right to have a month of training stage at the campany.as result of that students Did not Accept that Act from the Campany and they protest against it.

On the 23th august 2011 the population of the Rural community of Imider closed the water on the campany because The contract which has made between The Rural Community of Imider and the metallorgical campany of Imider on 2004 but it has end on 2009, After that they did not revival it Ineffective.moreover, the campany does not respect the terms of the contract.

the Movement: On The Road Of 96 - Imider-, the only LEGITIMATE representative of the population of 7 villages, confirming their rights. In order, to PARTICIPATE in the enjoyment of the wealth of their community and the defense of their legal Rights.
Amussu xf Ubrid n 96-Imider-
Zulan Irreligious

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